About us

We are a small family business and THE place for local gourmets to go shopping. We simply make treats from old family recipes which are over 100 years old. Using simple traditional artisan methods and the best ingredients we achieve divine and delicious treats. Our products deliver bold layers of flavour and sweetness.

"Mamma's Jamaican Fruit Cake" and "Mamma's Simnel Cake" are so named as their recipes like most recipes are passed down through the generations by the mothers (Mamma). Tracy's (the founder) grandfather was the exception as he utilised the recipes to create a successful business. However, she names the fruit cakes in honour of the mothers due to their significant roles in preserving the family legacy. "Daddy's Dessert Cream" was a favourite of her father and it is named in his honour.

The journey of all our fruit cakes except our alcohol-free ones starts approximately a year before the cake is baked. Selected dried fruits are hand cut and soaked in selected traditional Jamaican alcohol. The intimacy between the fruits and the alcohol builds a remarkable character. When the alcohol infused fruits, a unique blend of natural spices and other ingredients are skilfully combined, a distinctively exquisite cake is created. Whilst the product has the characteristics of an English pudding, it is affectionately referred to as a cake in line with family tradition.

Our simnel cakes are a lighter fruit cake which is freshly made and boasts a fruitier flavour than our fruit cakes. They are baked with a layer of marzipan in the middle and then decorated with toasted marzipan on top. It is a decadent treat for all occasions.

Do try our baked products including our popular fruit cakes and let them win you over!