Woolery Forbes

Our creations represent artisan craftsmanship of the highest unwavering quality.

Tracy, the founder of Woolery Forbes shares time honoured family recipes which have been in her family for well over 100 years. The recipes highlight exceptional quality and displays a unique balance of her English and Jamaican ancestry.
Each product is a beautiful balance of flavours which is meticulously crafted from a selection of high-quality ingredients.

We are ideally located in Wolverhampton, West Midlands. Our location affords us to have good access to the Midlands as well as the north and south of England. To extend our reach, we not only arrange deliveries within the UK main land we also offer a postal service for some products.

Brief History: Tracy, the founder of Woolery Forbes was a secondary school teacher of History and Environmental Sciences, for over two decades before launching her business. It was started due to her passion for creating outstanding quality and great tasting food along with encouragement of family, colleagues and a local producer who later became her mentor. Her influences are mainly from her English and Caribbean heritage. The base of her recipes is English in origin and then they are infused with a utterly delicious Jamaican flavour.

She became interested in cooking from as far as she can remember as she would often be in the kitchen to help her mother and her father (would seldom cooked). There she repeatedly heard stories of her family history as she learnt their traditional recipes. Consequently, our products are largely traditional English-Jamaican treats which are made from her family's recipes which have been in the family for well over 100 years. Recipes are primarily passed down by the women who were the chief cooks and bakers. So, her mother continued with her family’s tradition. The first exception in her family was her fraternal grandfather, he owned and operated a successful bakery using traditional family recipes. Hence, her father learned some recipes and passed them on to her. Her family's diverse ancestry has created an eclectic mix of recipes.


2018 Top 40 of Speciality Foods NEW PRODUCER AWARDS and Top 5 of the New British Brand!

Here is what Speciality Foods had to say:

"If you’re looking for a thoroughly British product, W Forbes is your brand. At the time of going to print W Forbes’ catalogue consisted of Fresh Fruit Cake and Mature Fruit Cake, with more launches in the pipeline for 2018. Made to old British recipes using all-British suppliers and made with British hands, their range of fruit cakes is created with a passion for making the most of the UK’s resources by employing local skilled workers. In founder Tracy Woolery-Forbes’ products, time-honoured recipes and simple tools come together to create a truly Union Jack-worthy range."

Great Taste Award 2017
One of the most popular products at Woolery Forbes is “Mamma’s Jamaican Fruit Cake.” So, named as it is created from a recipe passed down by her mother (Mamma). Recently, the business has earned a 2star award rating (a symbol for Fine Food of Outstanding Quality) from the Guild of Fine Foods’ Great Taste competition for its "Mamma’s Jamaican Fruit Cake.” The judges described it as "a very dark moist cake, very rich and alcoholic. We loved what we received. It was gloriously moist, richly flavoured, and delightfully boozy. It was simple and very good. A great alternative to Christmas pudding."

At Woolery Forbes, we are dedicated to producing outstanding quality baked products. These are of two types, beautifully decorated bespoke products for our B2B customers and our eBay products which are made to order. We are committed to using only the finest and freshest ingredients in everything we make to achieve the very best results. Our experienced and talented team keep working to best serve you.

CONTACT US for further information via email at assistance@w-forbes.com